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Ironman Run Trainer GPS with Digital Heart Rate Strap [Black/Orange]


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The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Body link System is the latest addition the Ironman range specially designed for runners. 

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Body link System is designed for runners who want to say goodbye to repetitive loops, complicated mapping and over-planning. With a large, easy-to-read, customizable display with up to 4 lines of data, you can see exactly what you want during a workout including, Pace, Distance for real time viewing or post workout review, including advanced training features such as interval timers and pace alerts to help you reach your targets. 

Using the very latest technology including SiRFstar IV™ GPS Technology for Quick, Reliable Performance capturing GPS signal quickly and accurately to track and monitor performance with the reliability of ANT+ to seamlessly link with any foot pod or heart rate monitor and the new Timex Food Pod as well as other third party compatible devices.

Store routes and create new routes using the waypoints which can be set both via link up with your computer or imputing straight to the Ironman Run Trainer, routes and training can then be downloaded and analysed.

Durability and long lasting performance is well known with Timex Ironman products boasting an impressive rechargeable 8 hour battery life in full GPS mode and up to 2.5 months in time only mode.

Hands free automated measurement allows measurements to be taken as required at specific intervals whilst recalling up to 15 workout sessions with up to 100 laps within each.

Combining GPS technology outstanding connectivity and a host of running features, the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Bodylink System  is the ultimate Runners training tool. 

Key Features

  • SiRFstarIV™ GPS Technology
    • Accurately measures pace, speed, distance and altitude in real time
  • ANT+™ Wireless Technology
    • Enables the use of the Timex Flex-Tech Heart Rate Strap and Cadence Sensor along with third party compatible devices.
  • Performance Mode
    • Gives real time feedback on individual training sessions including Chronograph and Interval Timers
  • Multisport Mode
    • Allows the tracking and recording of multiple activities in sequence including the transition period
  • Performance Pacer
    • Lets you pace your training against saved routes or specific time goals
  • Customisable Split Screen Display
    • Means you can view up to 4 data points all from one screen
  • 20 Workout Memory with 1000 Lap Total
    • Viewed in the Review Mode lets you analyse your training on the watch
  • Record 100 Waypoints
    • Logged on the go or entered from the computer you can track your way home or create custom routes
  • Store 50 Routes
    • Completed routes can be stored and new routes created from waypoints
  • Hands Free Settings
    • Provides an easy way of recording Starts and Splits based on speed or distance
  • Audible and Visual Alerts
    • Keeps your training at the right intensity can be used for Heart Rate, Cadence, Power, Speed, Distance and Altitude
  • Downloadable Training and Route Data
    • When downloaded, training data and routes can be analysed in depth and shared
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