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Elastic Shoe Laces for Running & Walking

Lock Laces are elastic, no tie, bungee performance shoelaces that are unlike any other athletic laces. Not only are Lock Laces cool shoelaces, but Jordan, Adidas, & Nike laces can’t even compare! Just lace and lock the elastic shoelace and fastening system and, your shoe laces will stay in place forever! Safe alternative for Velcro shoes. Lock Laces are available in many colors and go with all types of shoes. Perfect for marathons, 5K, triathlons, and track and field.



Made for competition, LOCK LACES™ is the only patented performance lacing system engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like runners, triathletes, marathoners, and walkers. Unlike other products, wearing LOCK LACES™ sustains compression across the foot increasing the amount of oxygen available to the muscles which helps endurance athletes manage fatigue.

LOCK LACES™ are a universal cut to fit design.

The LOCK is fast and easy to adjust and guarantees laces will never come undone. The unique cord tip clip protects lace ends.


This product and its web site are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Warranties and remedies are limited to replacement cost.

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