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Hoka Evo Jawz Trail Running Shoe

Stripped down to its performance core, like a dune buggy, the Evo Jawz offers a thrilling and unbridles ride. It is low to the ground with a firm but not rigid midsole that relishes muddy and uncertain terrain.

Woven Rip-Stop Upper

The woven rip-stop upper is designed for superb durability and a secure fit. The woven fabric forms around the foot wrapping each foot in breathable comfort. The fabric allows air to fully permeate the entire upper providing a constant supply of fresh, cool air while simultaneously forcing out hot, muggy air. The rip-stop fabric enhances abrasion resistance when on tough terrains, allowing the shoes to take anything you throw at them.

In addition, the upper features a moderate active foot frame for maximum tuned stability, providing torsional support and preventing your ankles from rolling when on uneven trails. Lastly, a textile lining inside the shoes provides exceptional moisture management keeping a nice even microclimate within the upper. The lining wicks sweat and excess moisture then forces it out of the shoes aiding breathability.

Profly Midsole

The Profly midsole that is used within the Evo Jawz provides a unique balance of propulsion and protection. A slightly firmer midsole compared to the road running range, the Profly compound provides ultimate protection from trail hazards underfoot such as rocks and branches while increasing responsiveness. The energy created from the heel strike is harnessed and created into good energy where the midsole uses it to propel you forward into your next step.

Vibram Megagrip Outsole

The outsole compound is constructed from Vibram MegaGrip that offers high traction and excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces. The Evo Jawz features multidirectional lugs for supreme grip on varied terrain uphill and downhill while enhancing mud dispersion. This technology allows the lugs to come into contact with the ground thus creating more surfaces are for the shoes to grip keeping you confident when racing over tricky ground. Lastly, flex grooves that are cut out predominantly in the forefoot area enhance flexibility allowing the shoes to flex as one with the foot instead of hindering your movement.

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