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Shock Stopper Insoles [Misc]



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  • Sorbothhane Shock Stpppers have always been the leader in cushioned insoles but they did add a litle extra weight to your running shoes, Now! they are 30% lighter and this can only be an advantage, No extra weight combined with injury protection the winning formula!
  • Sorbothane® insole can help limit the trauma caused to the body during exercise, such as back problems, joint pain, tendonitis fatigue fractures and knee pain, They help prevent the re-occurrence of old injuries and offer unrivalled comfort.
  • Shockwaves are created everey time your feet strike the ground, causing damage to your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons Sorbothane’s® unique visco-elastic material is scientifically proven to absorb harmfull shockwaves it mimics the characteristics of human flesh, and at the moment of impact changes shape to disperse the shockwaves sideways, then immediately returns to it’s original shape, ensuring it’s 100% operational for every stride
  • A cushioning footbed, which replaces your current unsole.
  • Ideal for use during high impact sports.
  • Contoured to give comfort and support to the heel, arch and ball areas of your feet.



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