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Wave Paradox [Support]


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The Mizuno Wave Paradox Women's Running Shoes deliver miles of light, cushioned, stable fun. The Mizuno U4iC Wave midsole has been designed to be unlike other shoe technologies. When your foot touches the ground, Wave reduces and redirects impact forces away from the foot. Acting a lot like your car's suspension, it cushions and keeps your foot centred in the shoe throughout your stride.

Mizuno are gearing different shoes to fit the unique stride of different runners, through the development of multiple wave shapes. So if its a local jog or running past the 20 mile marker, Wave will always feel amazing underfoot.

The DynaMotion Fit system allows the upper of the shoe to interact with the movement of the foot, relieving the stress on the upper which causes distortion and results in the fit being maintained throughout the full range of the movement.

SmoothRide is designed to give the most fluid, smooth, rocking chair-like motion in every step. Mizuno Intercool is a full-length ventilation system in the sole of the shoe that draws heat and humidity away from the foot, ensuring a cool, dry and comfortable ride. The Wave Paradox is constructed with an AIRmesh upper to maintain a high standard of breathability, allowing the foot to stay cool.

The X-10 sole provides Mizuno's most durable carbon rubber, allowing for longer wear in high impact areas and enhances traction at heel strike.




The balance between cushioning and stability is at the core of every running shoe. MIZUNO WAVE’s unique technology delivers the perfect balance for a wide range of runner by providing softness, stability and inhibiting over pronation. This coupled with the response from the wave plate upon impact creates the perfect trio for a smooth ride.

*Over pronation is the excessive inward rolling of the foot when running. It may also place an excessive strain on the ankles, legs, knees, hips and lower back.

The Wave plate provides stability in lateral movement, preventing over pronation to the ankle by having added support on the medial side.



    Dynamotion Fit is all about creating a shoe that works with the skin and muscles of the foot. Stretching where necessary, supporting where needed, and generally matching the movement of the foot for a really harmonious fit.

    Analysis of forefoot transition shows that for the smoothest, most efficient ride runners require shoes that flex easily at first and then become less flexible for an energy efficient toe off
  • Mizuno Intercool

    Keeps your feet cool and dry at all times by incorporating full length ventilation system in the sole which removes heat and humidity.
  • AIRmesh

    For lightweight breathability keeping your foot from sweating and over-heating.
  • X-10

    Provides the most durable carbonrubber from Mizuno that alllows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike.
  • Premium Insock

    For added cushioning and comfort whilst chasing down the miles.
  • SR Touch

    A finer density cushioning compound in the heel which absorbs impact stress better than previous technologies.
  • U4iC Wave Midsole

    Providing an amazing cushioning to weight ratio.
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