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Nano Handheld [Black/Atomic Blue]




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The Nano™ handheld is the ideal solution for trail runners who prefer the simplicity of handheld hydration. Enthusiasts and competitive ultra runners alike swear by the X-Grip hand strap system for a custom carry and the 500 ml soft flask for easy hydration. The secure essentials pocket is just enough room for keys and nutrition without affecting the low, 25-gram pack-only weight.


  • 500ml/17 oz Quick Stow Flask: Just the right amount of handheld hydration
  • Integrated Essentials Organization: Stash your keys, gels, credit card and more
  • X-Grip Hand Strap System: For multiple carry options
  • Collapsible and Packable: Fits in a front vest pocket and can be packed away when empty
  • Reflectivity: For early morning or late-night runs to and from the trailhead
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